Project 2  •  No 5

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The word "news" stands for North, East, West, South. In the past, there was a limit on how far the compass arrows extended when it came to news coverage. Now we're global —bombarded with horrific tales from around the world 24/7. Author and speaker, Dr. Christiane Northrup, said that our nervous systems are only meant to handle the news from our local tribe, not the whole world. That rings true for my nervous system. In fact, I've had doctors instruct me not to listen to the news to reduce my stress level. So I go out for walks to clear my mind and calm my spirit...but somehow the news seems to follow me. 

TEARS FOR DADDY — I had heard about a policeman who was shot and killed. 
He had four children. I couldn't get him off my mind, so I went for a walk. This is what greeted me.

SCUM— I think this was referencing a man who crashed into a cab killing a man, woman, 
and their unborn baby and then left the scene. The story shook me to my core. 
I went on a strict news "fast" after hearing that story, but again, the news followed me.

TE'O FAKE GIRLFRIEND IDENTIFIED— And then there are the absurdities that people 
love to get wrapped up in to escape the difficulties of their own lives. Someone else's reality becomes the entertainment of the day, neatly wrapped in plastic and delivered to your doorstep.

Is this a mug shot of a murderer? 
No! It's Keith Hernandez for Coin Galleries of Oyster Bay. Phew!