P  R  O  J  E  C  T     N O. 3 

paintings & procrastinations


My creative muse has been buried under 8 inches of snow. Frozen in the backyard somewhere between the barbecue and the birdbath. I have no desire to paint. My face sketches have been slow to come. Wooden painting panels are propped up and ready to go, but I am not. "Don't panic," I tell myself, "this is the typical rhythm of an artist." I still panic. As I go back to bed after learning school is closed for the 3rd time, I fight the polar vortex with the blanket vortex and settle back into warm darkness. Outside is white and cold. Why can't humans hibernate? It just makes sense.

Above is a snowman standing in front of the local pizza place. I love his mouth of plastic knives and the fork arm. Refreshing to find humor at a strip mall.

On my way to food shopping, I played in a mud puddleI just had to snap this spooky shot, but risked great embarrassment as I stood in the mirky water with my recycled food bags dangling off my arm. If you look closely, you can see my reflection, which of course ruined the shot. But you have to work quickly when a mini van is about to run you down.


A few more Face sketches for my collection
This is Spike. I see him pumping gas at a 1953 service station on Route 66.

 Next we have The Daydreamer and Nose´ (pronounced like Jose´).

The Butterfly for my cousin sits untouched. Need to fix proportions and layer on more colors.
Instead, it's back to the dentist. Arggg!