P  R  O  J  E  C  T     N O. 3 

paintings & procrastinations


I am not a disciplined artist. 
I have to take art in a "to go" cup — grabbing it wherever and whenever I can. This week, it happened to appear in public restrooms, of all places. The photo above was taken at the college where my son attends a three-week music festival. I taxi him back and forth and ran in for a bathroom break. Who knew that there would be visual poetry lurking there. 

This was taken in the bathroom at Cafe Wha? in the Village. 
I went to see a magic show (yes, my husband is friends with a professional magician)and the theater shared bathrooms with Cafe Wha? next door. I suddenly found myself in a kaleidoscopic music collage while locked in a stall. 

As I washed my hands, I noticed the tiny Tears for Fears album cover by the switch light — the album that got me through many a long commute to NYC in 1985. "Every body wants to rule the world!" Sing it people!