P  R  O  J  E  C  T     N O. 3 

paintings & procrastinations


This is how gray January days make me feel(see above). 
I don't feel like doing anything, except drinking good coffee and daydreaming out the window, which makes me 
feel guilty, so I end up doing chores, which makes me tired, 
so I nap, which makes me feel guilty.

While I daydream, I think about three new projects — my new Face project — which I have been adding to this week: 
Barrette Girl(above), and Mild-Mannered Man(below).
I want to create over a hundred sketches of faces (at #16 now). 
I'll choose my favorites and then do something special with them.
Not completely sure where I am going with this, but 
I'll let things unfold. I love the spontaneity of a sketch.

But then come interruptions. Arggg.

The Dentist! 
(Note the droopy novacaine look.) 

And then food shopping, 
cleaning out the fridge, bills, and laundry. 

Back to daydreaming. Ah... 
I came across this photo in the NY Times
which reminded me of my blue paintings. 
I started thinking about Project 2 — The Blue Rectangle
drawings and paintings commenting on my distaste for 
cell phones, our new glowing appendage.

Project 3 will be paintings based on vintage  photos. I want to work with a more monochromatic palette this time. This may all evolve into something else. And that's okay.

My painting panels arrived this week, so no excuses now. 
I need to get to work.
But first…I must finish a painting for my cousin 
and get rid of a bad cold! Ah, life.