P  R  O  J  E  C  T     N O. 3 

paintings & procrastinations


"In order to keep a true perspective of one's importance, everyone should have a dog that worships him and a cat who will ignore him." 
— Dereke Bruce

I was pondering the bliss an artist feels when creating and sharing with others versus the worthlessness one feels when you start to wonder, "Why do I bother creating art? I could be working out instead." (Yeah, right!).Five minutes later I serendipitously came across this quote nestled in a pile of papers. A friend had written her e-mail on the front, and unbeknownst to me a quote on the back. I received the paper several weeks ago, but it made it's presence known at just the right time.

And now, I move forward! I'm contemplating another design initiative (while continuing on with all my others projects, of course). I have partnered with another artist and we are brainstorming. It would have us venture off into creating artistic spaces — domestic, retail, or theatrical for cients who want to upcycle their own furniture and accessories. More to come on this, but if you want a sneak peek, go to #artfulspacemakers on instagram. Or get a quick glimpse of a home decor vignette below. 

This vignette sits on my book case. I used a wooden horse that was my Dad's, and several art books with the dust jackets removed to reveal their cloth covers and gold lettering. My painting of a seahorse sneaks in on the left, maintaining the "horse" theme.