P  R  O  J  E  C  T     N O. 3 

paintings & procrastinations


This week, I continued getting to know Duke. I did a small study of him. Since he is my "Frankenstein", I pieced him together using 100% cotton paper on canvas. I wanted him to look like a graffiti sticker left out in the rain. I then discovered that his full name is Duke Francis Stein. (Get it?)

He has trouble getting up in the morning.

And has to wear glasses while driving, but he doesn't like to dwell on that.

I then got sidetracked, much like a dog chasing a squirrel. 

I started experimenting with a paper chain I made months ago from old book pages.

And speaking of dogs, I procrastinated further by making quick sketch of a dog walker I spotted on my street. I just loved the matching outfits!

I need to return to Duke now, and Barrette Girl. She seems like a tough character to get to know.