P  R  O  J  E  C  T     N O. 3 

paintings & procrastinations


"Their Best Creations May Be the Lives They Lead"
                                 —Sunday New York Times, 3/13/11

My original intention for this blog was to follow my painting process as I created paintings weekly. I wanted the flexibility to go off on tangents (hence, the "procrastination" part) such as drawings, essays, photography, or any other creative sidebar that I wanted to delve into. I realize, however, that it's been all tangents and not much painting. Hmm.

I am constantly grappling with the definition of myself as "artist" and what that means, how it manifests inwardly and outwardly. I struggle with how my time gets fractured into a million pieces creating the mosaic I call LIFE. Creating with focus becomes impossible. My drawing table gathers dust. Blank canvases clutter my studio.

I have been busy raising my son and building relationships. Perhaps those are my paintings, with their layers and textures. I spent this week caring for my mom in the hospital with all the emotional complexity that can conjure up. Here I am at middle age looking into my own future, but the time I spent with her created another layer in our "painting." And for now, that will have to do.