HRT #13

I dread small talk and the inevitable question, "What do you do?"
When I say I'm an artist, most people seek clarification.
I think they expect me to be showing my work at a high price tag in some trendy gallery if
I am to give myself such a title, but an artist is who I am, not just what I produce.


  1. In Germany, they call the artist an "ein ruttler." (Sp?) Which basically means "an upsetter." They're so different in makeup that they will never reach the common gravity of others. What a relief that is to me! The artist is different because they must be different. They help the rest of humanity take a good look at themselves. No wonder it's hard to make a living! And I thought I did something wrong in life. Thanks Cathryn for expressing this in art!

    from the tender of the pear orchard

  2. I've enjoyed all of your witty comments, but this one is my favorite. You have put into words how I've been feeling for a long time. I love the concept of the "upsetter". That's great. Thank you!