HRT #15

I welcome comments from any of the over 200 viewers I had this past week. 
To comment, you just have to create a quick Google blogger profile, and you are good to go! 
Hearing feedback would make this artistic experiment even more fun, 
so c'mon, let me hear from you. Maybe you have a Hair-rasing Thought to share.


  1. Huh? Oh, I stopped listening to ponder a witty comment. Then I noticed that these are ALL posted at 5am. Does the site just have a bad sense of time, or are you just very punctual?

  2. Ah. Good one.
    The computer is punctual. I am not.

  3. Glad I am not alone. How often I have found myself
    doing this,then miss the speaker's point. I will
    try to be a better LISTENER.

  4. Not only am I not listening, I'm trying to watch "So you think you can dance" while someone is telling me about their rotten supervisor at work and they really need to have some human soul "hear" them. I'm too chicken to tell them I want to watch "my program." (I know that sounds "old" kind of like "I fell and I can't get up." But I try to be present because I know it's important, yet I fail miserably.

    One thing is for sure, "multitasking" does not work. It's a short-changer for human empathy. You just can't do two things at once. I think we're supposed to practice "being mindful."

    from the tender of the pear orchard