HRT #23 The Artistic Process

I thought I would share a bit of my artistic process with you. 
I've been struggling with my transitions from sketch to finish. Often the emotion gets lost 
as I go to a finish. A slight change of an eyebrow angle or the curve of a lip 
can completely change a facial expression. If you scroll down, 
you can see my sketch as it appeared in my journal. The written thought has changed 
(that was just a stream of consciousness to fill in the hair), but I have worked hard 
to maintain the "sketchiness" of the face. I also decided to use 
watercolor for the first time and have a change of gender and hairstyle.

Below, is the sketch for HRT #22. I liked the sketch so much better. 
Her attitude was just what I wanted to express, but it got lost in the final. 
I will have to try that one again.

1 comment:

  1. For #22, she is looking up and over more in the sketch than in the final, where she is looking straighter out. So in the sketch, she has more of pondering look, as she gives a side glance to whoever she is being bored by (probably the politician on the next bar stool).