HRT #38

I promised myself, come hell or high water, I would meet my Friday deadlines for my blog.
Well hell and high water came.

Ironically, I did this sketch about six months ago. 
It seemed the perfect thing to express how I am feeling this week. 
With all the craziness of Hurricane Sandy (I'm at my mom's house where they have power), 
I didn't get to do a "final", but perhaps the unfinished feeling of a sketch 
captures the way we are all feeling this week.

I can't stop thinking about all the lives that were lost, especially the children, 
and all the people who have had their homes and sense of safety taken from them.
This type of suffering just  goes beyond my understanding.


  1. Never did like the thought of children suffering.
    Some things don't seem fair at all. And then we just run out of words. I hope everyone can bounce back and harness the strength of the wind.

    from the tender of the pear orchard

  2. "Harness the strength of the wind"...I like that. You capture the idea of regaining emotional strength and at the same time capture the concept of "going green" — fighting against global warming which may be causing these 820 mile wide storms to begin with.