Project 2  •  No. 9

High Wire Act
I have grown up surrounded by telephone poles and wires as if a constant circus act
was in progress throughout town with only the birds to perform for us.

 For the last three years, I have driven under a pair of sneakers dangling from a wire spanning 
a busy road. Recently, two more sneakers joined the high wire act. Out of
curiosity, I googled "sneakers on a wire." Suburban legend claims they are symbols
for: losing one's virginity, a spot where drugs are sold, or the mark of a
gang. Gee...and I just thought it was kids showing off there crazy muscle skills. 

This pole actually looks like it could be part of the circus.

This pole covered with rusted staples and nails, represents all the communication
that has gone on over the years—not just over telephone wires—
but through various flyers posted by locals for garage sales and lost puppies. 


  1. The birds aren't the only ones on the wires. How about those squirrels? Now there is a high wire act. I remember visiting my grandparents once, and there was a squirrel that didn't quite get the transition right, and was 'fried' between the line and the tree.

    Also, I once saw a missing poster for a parrot.

  2. I thought sneakers on a wire represented when someone died.
    A way of remembering them. I'd rather go with that.

    from the tender of the pear orchard