R E F L E C T I O N 

One Liners

Miss Dazey

I came across a book on the artist Paul Klee and was completely inspired. His work is a combination of playfulness and architecture. He often used simple lines and an oil transfer technique that I am eager to try. For now, I have started with sketches in my journal using one continuous, spontaneous line to create faces in less than a minute. It is pure fun. Try it yourself. I do them over and over and I am often amused and surprised by the results. They also reflect my love for Alexander Calder's wire sculptures. Like knitting, one long strand can become something fantastic.

Copying Off Picasso's Test Paper

Tongue Tied

Mr. Sourpuss

Bad Hair Day

Clown Dreaming of Nose Job

Unintentional John Lennon

Just Watched The 6 O'Clock News

Just Watched The 10 O'Clock News

I'm thinking of expanding this into a larger body of work. I would like to blow these up huge and create the line in black paint. It allows a child-like quality to emerge that is far more interesting than an uptight artist rendering. Any one of them could be art or garbage, so there is nothing to lose. And that is freedom.


  1. Can't decide which is my fave. It's either the clown nose job or the unintentional Lennon. It it's the UL. This blog was hysterical, and you make it look easy.

  2. For your next trick, you should try not crossing the line.
    I remember one party at the Grandma & Grandpa O's when Auntie Sue came with a riddle book (Let the air out of the truck's tires to get it unstuck from the overpass.) One of the challenges was to draw a diagram using one line, and not crossing over the line.