R E F L E C T I O N 

over the rainbow...
or perhaps just 
the kitchen sink.

How many hours do we stand at the kitchen sink and wish to be
somewhere over the rainbow? 
For me, it's far more hours than I care to calculate.

Over my sink sits a painful window (pun intended)suffering from a broken seal between its double sheets of glass. Trapped moisture forecasts a London fog everyday regardless of the actual weather. If that fog were to lift, it would leave me with an expansive view of brick. Not quite the place where happy little blue birds fly.

The OTS Museum
 (Open Daily)

My only recourse was to become curator for The "Over the Sink" MuseumObjects I display bring me peace as I grind last nights dinner down the garbage disposal. My palette of choice is subdued — my response to an incessant world buzzing about like a thirsty mosquito.

Ignore What's Behind That Curtain!
An embroidered napkin becomes the first layer of my collection.

Rock, Paper, Scissors...Shoot!
If those layers could talk...

Sweet cherry wallpaper circa 1940s 
(discovered during remodeling) — and my box of dreams.

Form over Function. Can't cut a darn thing, but looks great trying!

Recorded History — or Her Story.
I've shared this shell with you before. A life story tattooed upon its surface. The sea gods may be angry that I have taken home treasures from their shores, upsetting a delicate ecosystem, but I hope they will forgive me, knowing how much I reflect upon this broken beauty...

...and an oyster shell,holding a whole world within its boundaries.

Just like Nature, the Sink has Cycles
The sink empties, then fills again. Endless days of dishes and London fog, but when things seem grim I have my simple objects to take me over the rainbow.

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  1. All right, this is going to sound weird, but I love washing dishes. It has nothing to do with the window, or the physical act of scrubbing the waste off plates, cups, and silverware. Instead, for me, it is the time of day when I can turn my mind off. Just completely zone out. Throughout the day I am always worried about something. It could be something about my sons, who are adorable, but always managing to get into something. Or, keeping up with my graduate work, which is not terrible, but manages to keep me busy. I could also be worried about my wife, who works non-stop in order to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. But when its time to wash the dishes I am at ease.
    You see washing dishes isn’t like doing laundry, which is terribly boring, or cleaning the house, which is messy again as soon as you turn around. No, washing dishes feels productive. I see the pile in front of me and attack it, just like I used to do at work, before I became a stay at home dad. For at least 30 minutes after I have finished that sink looks great and all of the dishes are done. But these aren’t even the best reasons for wanting to do the dishes. The best part is that the boys get into it as well.
    Before I do anything we pick some music to listen to while we are working. This usually ends up being hard rock, because that is what I like, but occasionally I will bend and Wesley, my oldest, will pick the “Frozen” sound track. Anyway, all we do after that is rock out. I don’t have to think about anything. The boys are right there dancing and we have a terrific time. Wesley has even taught his little brother how to play air guitar. Before you know it the dishes are done and we are off to cook dinner, which I absolutely hate doing, not because the act is terrible, but because I am so bad at it. So in the end I suppose my “Over the Rainbow” is being carefree while hanging out with my boys and the best part is we get to do it everyday.


  2. I feel bad for my kitchen sink! It use to be a member of our family. When I was a kid we all took turns washing up after meals. I even made a chart that hung in our kitchen. It outlined whose turn it was to do the washing or drying. See, I had four siblings and it would be a fight as to who was going to do the washing. We all loved washing instead of drying. Our sink was in constant use. I even remember tipping my head into it to get my hair washed. My mother was always at the sink doing something. She would hand wash clothes and hang them on the line to dry. She baked and cooked and the sink was always running. My little sister would sit in the sink taking her bath. I loved playing with her in the sink. Oh so many memories of our sink!

    My poor old sink is not old at all, infact its quite the opposite. But he must feel so lonely. Since his friend the dishwasher moved in next to him he sees very few dishes. His other friend the washing machine does the clothes and his cousin the shower has a hand-held piece for washing the kids hair. Once in a while I will wash the dishes because I enjoy washing dishes. It brings back those memories. But what a sad life he has compared to his ancestors. As I sit here and reflect on his life I can't help but also reflect on how simple and beautiful life was back then in a different kind of a way! Does my sink think the same?

    Cathy B