HRT #32

Ah yes, the unexpected. 
Like the fact that I had to get a cavity filled and attend two wakes yesterday
when I hadn't even begun my illustration for this week. But a deadline, is a deadline. 
So here is the best I could do in such a short time. Normally, would have 
started over again, but this is all about sharing my process with you, warts and all.
(And it is bothering me that she looks like Drew Barrymore...weird!)

— Art Connects Us —

Nothing touches my heart more than when someone 
tells me my art inspired their art.
Here is a Hair-raising Thought created by a young artist named Emma.
She took her favorite quote and created her own version of an HRT.
Bravo Emma!


  1. Funny you mention Drew B. Anna's friends think she would look like Drew if she (Anna) didn't have braces.
    I like the one from Emma.

  2. Also, why is the thumb out? Is she hitching a ride? Talk about heading for the unexpected!

  3. I love the fact you keep a deadline! Very disciplined.
    Good preparation for the unexpected. Inspiration happens
    to the prepared mind. Funny how that works!

    from the tender of the pear orchard