HRT #33

"Create" can mean so many things. 
Yes, it can be a painitng or a drawing, but it can also be a great meal cooked for loved ones,
 a song beautifully sung, an extra tight hug given to someone at just the right time. 
Go and create and fill your life with life!


  1. I used to think I worked on things that could make a difference.. Chemical analysis machines that might be used to develop a great medication (or prevent a bad batch from going out). Computer chip inspection systems, for chips that could be used in making life changing equipment.
    Now I just work on web sites.

  2. Smile. Keep America Green!

  3. I've dodged a couple bullets in my life and still wonder
    what the heck is going on. You are right about the creating.
    I like to daydream about giving away money. Pipe dreams I guess.
    Then there are those memoirs I'd like to write. All in good time
    my pretty, all in good time. What would we have done without
    Margaret Hamilton? Best witch ever! (I'm losing it.)

    from the tender of the pear orchard